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"Whitewater" NOW AVAILABLE!!

I am super excited to announce the release of my third studio album, "Whitewater". This has been a project that started out as an EP and progressed into a full length album. I began writing these songs in 2015 and recorded them during my time in Vail, CO, Phoenix, AZ, and Denver, CO. Songs about life, love and the world around us. My West experience in an album.

I have worked with many wonderful people. Starting out in Vail, I traveled down to Boulder in December of 2015 and worked with a great engineer and friend Robert Sands. We did some light mixing and tracking and got a good foundation going. My brother Matt Moffitt flew in to record some bass. The album began to take shape.

When I moved to Phoenix I began recording the rest of the songs. It was here that I decided to get Matt and our friend Shawn Collins in Atlanta, GA to record the rest of the bass and drums. In the Fall of 2016 I flew out to GA and we got a good bit recorded in Shawns home studio.

In January of 2017 I began looking for a local studio to finish up mixing in Phoenix. I came across a local studio that was owned by the lead singer of the Gin Blossoms. Unfortunately it had closed down, but it was through this that I met Tony Brant and Jon Weil. Tony runs a studio in Phoenix (Epicentre Recording) and Jon runs a mastering house (Fuzzy Walls Mastering) in Washington. Tony and I spent February through June recording and mixing everything. We had some good times.

I continued to send Shawn and Matt files and they would record bass, some electric guitar, and drums in GA and send the files over to me. We dropped them in and got the mixes finished up one by one. Around August I had the final mixes and got them over to Jon. Between Tony and John I am super impressed with the sound. Top notch guys, top notch! I cant thank everyone enough for their involvement in this album. I am truly thankful for their support and dedication. Shawn, thanks for your time my friend! You are like a human metronome and have always been good to me. Thanks for all you did. Matt, my brother, we have always jammed together and our music just makes sense when we are together. Thanks, I love ya!

The album cover art is from a photo I took in Vail. I climbed to the top of a mountain behind my apartment with my dog Thomas and snapped this pic.

Lastly, I want to thank my wonderful fiance Kristi for putting up with the noise and countless nights of me disappearing into my room with my headphones on. She is the best and every moment with her is heaven on earth.

I hope you all enjoy the album... Let me know what you think!


Andy Moffitt


Andy Moffitt - Vocals, Guitars, Pianos, Baritone Ukelele, Banjo, Hand Drum

Matt Moffitt - Bass, Electric Guitar

Shawn Collins - Drums

All songs written by Andy Moffitt.

Recorded by Andy Moffitt, Shawn Collins, Robert Sands.

Mixed and Recorded by Tony Brant at Epicentre Recording in Phoenix, AZ.

Mastered by Jon Weil at Fuzzy Walls Mastering in Seattle, WA.

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