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Andy Moffitt is a singer/songwriter from Western Colorado with roots in the Atlanta area.  He was born in Athens, GA but moved to Atlanta, GA when he was 3.  With parents who performed on the Grand Ole Opry and both worked in music, it was natural that he fell in love with the arts.  He began to play the piano soon after moving to Atlanta; taking lessons from his mother and learning with her guidance.  His father, a Methodist music director, helped him to find a deeper meaning to the words that accompanied the beautiful music he was singing.  It was with this foundation and continued exposure to many different musical environments that his talents began to take shape.  Growing up, Andy won many awards for songwriting and has taken advantage of any opportunity to perform live and learn from his musical friends and family.  Today, he contiunes writing and recording his music in his home studio.  He has three albums available (Yellow Trees, 2006, Twilight, 2014, and Whitewater 2017).  He packed up and moved out West in Feb of 2014. He has lived in Vail, CO and Phoenix, AZ and is currently living in Grand Junction, CO.

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