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Video Blog #2 1.15.14


​I am so excited to announce that my second studio album "Twilight" is now available.  Watch and celebrate with me as I open the CD for the first time! Thanks to all who helped make this album something I am very proud of! Peace! :)

Video Blog #1 12.07.13

First video blog! #7 on the Asheville Reverbnation charts! Album is coming together and will be available 1/1/2014! Thanks to POLLY NANCE PHOTOGRAPHY for taking the album photos and to Jeff Knorr at Collapseable Recording Studio in West Asheville, NC! Tunes sound awesome Jeff!  Stay tuned for my next blog!


Lost & Found


Recorded in my home studio over night on 12.11.13. I was inspired by Eva Walsh who does this type of recording where she records herself playing every instrument. Pretty cool idea and I had a blast recording it. Go to my Youtube page and let me know what you think! Enjoy! :)

Hear me cover Bob Marley's classic "Hammer" at Crazy Mountain Brewery in Edwards Colorado! A great local spot with awesome beer and great people... one of my favorite places!

Crazy Mountain Brewery



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